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I had to write an exam in Tokyo at Temple University (Japan campus). I specifically looked for a hotel that was conveniently located for me to take the exam early in the morning. I picked Hotel Fukudaya for the convenience but was wow’d overall.

The people working at the reception were all very friendly. I speak Japanese so check-in was pretty smooth but I saw a lot of other foreigners and they could generally communicate in English with them.

My room was quite small with tatami floor. I had a large window and my own private access to a toilet. Didn’t have a shower in my room, but had access to a bath (you lock it so you have sole access for that period of time). It was pretty cold in Tokyo at that time but the air conditioner heated the (small) room just fine.

There are no elevators but they will help you with your luggage if you are staying on the upper floor.

They held onto my luggage after I checked out and I came back for it later. I only had them hold onto it for a few hours, but I believe they can hold onto it for even a few days.

Can’t imagine having to stay here again since it’s not the most convenient for tourists and I won’t be needing to take the exam again. You have to walk quite a distance from the nearest JR station (uphill too). But it was a very comfortable stay.

– Quoted from TripAdvisor

Hotel Fukudaya

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