Review of Shima Onesen Kashiwaya Ryokan (Gunma)

Best relaxing Japanese culture immersion ever

We stayed here for two nights in the Kame room and we couldn’t have chosen better.
All the staff is amazing, charming and welcoming. Since you step in the Ryokan you get fully into the Japanese ways.

Food is top top top (go for the Japanese option, you won’t regret it).

The 3 private Onsens in the Ryokan are really good and so the one in our room (tip try it at night under clear sky even in cold night you won’t feel the cold).
The semaphore system implemented is really useful to know when the private Onsen are free.
The onsen is tattoo friendly.

The town is small but is really charming.
Sleeping in the futon and wearing the yukatas during the stay was another incredible experience.

Hope to come back here one day.

– Quoted from TripAdvisor

Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan

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